Update Your Bike Shorts with These 6 Simple-Yet-Ingenious Outfit Ideas!

Update Your Bike Shorts with These 6 Simple-Yet-Ingenious Outfit Ideas! - MAX & ME SPORT

Biker shorts rose to prominence in 2020 during a newfound appreciation for athleisure and comfortable attire. But let's face it, bike shorts can also be about as chic as sweatpants, particularly if you wear them out in public without any coordination or effort to make your outfit look cute and put together. Don't worry—we have six easy ideas that will show you how to give your bike shorts an update with some well-chosen options from your closet!

Paired With a Denim Jacket

Jean jackets are popular pieces that can be worn in spring and summer, but they're also ideal for fall. Paired with your favorite tank top or t-shirt, you can take your look from casual to trendy. Take your jean jacket up a notch by layering it over your favorite pair of leopard bike shorts. You'll be able to keep warm while looking cool, so why not?

Paired With a Cardigan

If you're looking for a smart, sophisticated look, pair your bike shorts with a loose-fitting cardigan and ankle boots. Choose a color that compliments both your body and your bike shorts. You can achieve a balanced outfit by adding interesting accessories like statement necklaces and bold earrings. This is a great option if you want to dress up but also have something comfortable to ride in. A subtle makeup palette works well here as well!

Paired With a Crop Top

Whether it's a denim crop top or a graphic tee, bike shorts look great paired with your favorite crop tops and tees. A crop top and bike shorts outfit idea is perfect for a casual weekend brunch with friends at your favorite cafe or for shopping around town with no specific agenda. To complete your outfit, add on some cute sandals and fun earrings to compliment your style.

Paired With Boots

Boots - whether over-the-knee, midi, or ankle boots - add a touch of sophisticated allure to your ensemble. Throw a pair on with your bike shorts, and you've got a look that can take you from coffee with friends in your hood to strolling through a city park. For added flair, don't forget to accessorize! A bright belt or statement jewelry is sure to make heads turn as you glide down your neighborhood streets.

Paired with a Leather Jacket or Classic Blazer. 

Leather jackets and bike shorts are a match made in fashion heaven. Classic blazers, though, may be one of those wardrobe items that you purchase and never quite know what to do with - but now you can mix it up by giving your blazer some color or lace trim! Just make sure whatever you choose still matches your pants! You want them to look like part of your outfit rather than something completely different. And when done right, the unexpected combo will actually give you style points; you'll end up looking edgy yet chic for getting outside your comfort zone. 

Here are a few suggestions of what to add to this Outfit Idea...

Leather Jacket / Bike Shorts / Knee-High or Over-the-Knee Boots - Makes for the most on-trend outfit this season. Perfectly sleek and chic for a night on the town.

Classic Blazer / Bike Shorts / Colorful Pumps - In colder temperatures, this seasonable ensemble is a great alternative to skirts and dresses for an understated, classy look. Accessorize with a brightly colored statement handbag.

Paired With a Sports Bra

Apart from the usual health benefits, the chic combination of a sports bra and bike shorts can help you look and feel like a pro in no time. Further, from accentuating your hourglass shape to embracing your backside to elongating your legs, your new outfit will leave heads turning.

So go ahead, start following these six style tips now! And don't forget to do so with high spirits! That is, after all, what makes fashion truly fabulous!

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