Do Your Leggings Stand the Test of Time?

Do Your Leggings Stand the Test of Time? - MAX & ME SPORT

I've noticed that I get a lot of compliments on my leggings whether I'm at the gym or out and about. A lot of questions go through my mind every day when I'm out and I see 80-90% of women wearing leggings. I look at the quality of their leggings, style, and fit. Then I wonder how much they pay for their leggings, which are their favorites, where they shop for leggings/activewear, and how long they last.

We only sell premium leggings and I have leggings (all the brands I sell) that I've been wearing 7 years now and they all look brand new even though I wash and dry them each time and don't treat them as delicates. They haven't lost their shape, still fit like a glove, and are very comfortable.

Does Quality or Price Matter to Most People?

I'm not sure that quality matters to most people, but it has ALWAYS mattered to me. Since I was old enough to work, I was particular about the quality of everything I bought. I preferred to save up for that one pair of expensive shoes, or that little black dress that I could wear for years to come. Most of the clothes in my closet are high quality and I'm still able to wear them even after 15-20 years. They are classic pieces and never go out of style, and I still feel like a million bucks when I dress up or down.

For Christmas I bought my boyfriend some very expensive, high quality golf pants/shorts, other street clothes, and some running shoes (he'd never spend that much on himself). Anyway, they are the nicest things he owns. He loves how everything fits, the comfort and style, and he appears much more confident. When I used to do trunk shows, I noticed that very same thing when women would try on the brands I carry that they'd never think of trying because they weren't Lululemon or Sweaty Beaty. Seems they walked taller, smiled more and were confident in their body language because they looked and felt good.

Try one of our designer leggings brands today and find out what real quality it all about!

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