Wear it to Heart (WITH) – Where Fashion Meets Function and Comfort

If there is one fashion piece that women adore and love to wear over and over again, it would be leggings. The soft, comfortable, and cozy garment, that provides the feeling of a second skin, has become a highly valuable and popular garment in every woman's closet. Initially designed as sports and athletic gear for women, leggings have become the daily choice of versatile, sporty, and casual looks. 

As a brand that specializes in high-quality sports garments and gear, Max & Me Sport offers a special line, dedicated to women, for women. Wear it to Heart leggings are not ordinary leggings -these are the ones that come from fabrics with the highest sustainable quality, design that flatters each body type and silhouette, as well as solid colors, and trendy prints and patterns as part of their fashionability. 

Wear It To Heart leggings are unique in many aspects, which makes them highly desirable and a favorite choice for our customers. The most important properties that one modern and sporty fashionista looks for in her leggings is the support and the look they provide. With that being said, Wear it to Heart leggings come with tummy-tucking and booty-lifting properties, something that delivers a unique and extraordinary look to the body. The comfortability of the cut, as well as the fabric, provides a lightweight feeling. The length reaches the ankles, which is perfect for different sports activities and styling with different types of sneakers. For those who are sports oriented, these leggings have the right amount of stretch and comfort, with quick-drying properties, and are anti-bacterial. You can safely push your sports limits, feeling confident that Wear it to Heart leggings will provide you with the best possible support.

From a fashionable point of view, Wear It To Heart leggings have an abundance of fashionable choices that satisfy different fashion tastes.  The most popular and interesting is their variety of animal prints.

As an addition to the wide selection of Wear It To Heart leggings, this brand also offers matching sports bras, high waist skorts, bomber jackets, and shorts – all the necessary sports clothing garments for the most challenging activities and level of fashion and comfort.