Glyder Apparel is pioneering the next generation of activewear and athleisure.

Pairing lightweight design with chic silhouettes, Glyder has created a purposeful line of wardrobe staples that refuses to sacrifice fashion or function. Pull on the leggings made for pushing yourself on those squats and throw on the tank top built to keep you going on that last mile, and you will truly understand the Glyder Apparel difference. 

Fashion and Function - Glyder leggings redefine versatility. These leggings transition seamlessly from the weight room at the gym to running those weekend errands. From the highest peak on that hiking trail to the couch for your much-needed self-care day. Don’t forget to use them to elevate your wardrobe. Accessorize the Glyder cult favorite Black/Gold Shimmer Sultry Legging with some trendy hoops for a stylish “model off-duty” look. Style the Cocoa Jubilant Legging with a fuzzy sweater for a cute, cozy outfit. These breathable and sleek Glyder leggings were created to deliver comfort, performance, and style, all day long. You will never want to take them off.

Made For YOU - The mission is to make clothing for real women with real lives. Women who bravely face challenges head on. Women who do not take no for an answer. Glyder provides the comfort and style to encourage your confidence and unabashed persistence to shine. Whether it’s on the track, at the grocery store, or even in the office. For every adventure you take and for every challenge you attack, these wardrobe essentials will meet all of your demands.

The Secret - It’s all in the materials. Glyder Apparel uses innovative, abrasion-resistant fabric that’s just as strong as it is flexible. It will support you during strength exercises but also bend without restriction to move with you during yoga. It keeps you warm for those cold, morning jogs while wicking sweat to keep you dry and comfortable. With every stretch, jump, and sprint, you will feel strong, confident, and free with your new Glyder Leggings.