Why Violet Love Headbands?

Violet Love Headbands revives abstract expression with Rebecca Michael’s latest collection that speaks all about colors and expressionism. The luscious prints, vibrant hues and subtle graphics stand out to make a staunch statement with any piece of wear.

Headbands have stood both, the test of time and fashion and being all-season wear, what could be a better idea than pairing your vibrant collection with your personality. Be it a casual night out to the movies or a morning at the gym; Violet Love headbands are as fashionable as functionality gets.

Rebecca’s collection encourages style with each hairband gorgeously curated to be styled in multiple ways. Whether you choose to let your hair flow or tie them up, the modish collection will complement any and every style you pick to flatter in. Each staple signifies individualism from the positive effect of stripes to the grunge touch of layered prints.
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