Why Blush Lingerie?

Women tend to forget the importance of inner wear in the hustle to put together a fashionable outfit. Amidst which, you also begin compromising on the right type and quality of underwear. Blush Lingerie sets forth a comfortable yet playful collection of intimates that are as versatile as lingerie can get. The fine space between bikini and boyshorts are filled with Hipsters, taut underwear that loop your hip and give you the right coverage with added breathability and ease for daily use.

On the contrary, Blush Lingerie’s enticing take on Thongs is all about the lure. Being the most sought-after underwear, Thongs take the whole ordeal up a notch. From Lavender and Taupe to Charcoal and Black, the wide range of colors ensure they appeal to every eye and body. With a hint of playfulness and a promise of comfort, Blush Lingerie couples fashion with practicality in inner-wear.